Division 1 - North Conference

Team Title Name Telephone Email
Santa Clara
Vice President Kate Connelly 312-505-6467 kconnelly@scu.edu
President Maddie Gardner 312-972-2881 mgardner@scu.edu
SCU Club Contact Email scuwlax@gmail.com
Coach Frances Thurston 408-833-9398 fthurston2@scu.edu
Club Sports Director Kathryn Hutchings 408-554-5480 krhutchings@scu.edu
UC Berkeley
President Maggie Watts 858-284-6111 calclublacrosse@gmail.com
President Emily Johnson 612-206-5858 calclublacrosse@gmail.com
Coach Eileen Johnson 650-906-6008 eileenjohnson@berkeley.edu
Sport Clubs Director Deanna Hewlett dhewlett@berkeley.edu
UC Davis
President / Game Contact Susannah Schaffer 760-942-3747 womenslacrosse@campusrec.ucdavis.edu
Vice President Elaina Oliveira eoliveira@ucdavis.edu
Head Coach Ken Lubert 941-763-1988 ucdwclublax@gmail.com
Recreation Office Coordinator Ben Dao 530-754-8748 bddao@ucdavis.edu

Division 1 - Central Conference

Team Title Name Telephone Email
Cal Poly
President / Game Contact Annie Brown 312-343-1748 calpolylax@gmail.com
Vice President Sam Elliott 408-601-7275 calpolylax@gmail.com
Treasurer Ivana Staples 858-943-8818 calpolylax@gmail.com
Coach Cate Goodman 925-818-9523 Categoodman1@gmail.com
Club Sports Coordinator Ashley Jones 805-756-7006 atjones@calpoly.edu
UC Santa Barbara
President Caroline Reitmeyer 267-438-3536 reitmeyer@ucsb.edu
Vice President Amanda Grissom 858-877-8091 amandagrissom@ucsb.edu
Sport Club Coordinator Gabriela Ordonez 805-893-3908 gabrielaordonez@ucsb.edu
Vice President Caroline Irons 415-713-7723 wlaxucla@gmail.com
President / Game Contact Sydney Riepl 732-962-3986 wlaxucla@gmail.com
Coach Sarah Duncan 713-828-7032 sarahduncan45@gmail.com
Club Sports Director Megan Normansell 310-206-8338 mnormansell@recreation.ucla.edu
University of Southern California
Game Contact Anika Adzich 408-886-8093 adzich@usc.edu
President Emerson Damiano 303-918-8402 president.uscwlax@gmail.com
Coach Natali McCaslin 760-846-4472
Vice-President Emily Rawson 502-445-5107 earawson@usc.edu
Club Sports Director Jason Moran 213-821-2522 moranjas@usc.edu

Division 1 - South Conference

Team Title Name Telephone Email
President (Game Contact) Landree McClure 720-589-8829 ualadylaxcats@gmail.com
Coach Baylee Barker bayleecbarker@gmail.com
Vice President Abbie Mishler abbiemishler@arizona.edu
Arizona State University
President Briana Gardiner 630-744-9594 bgardin3@asu.edu
Head Coach Ivy Richey 480-628-8366 irichey@asu.edu
Coach Erin Dougherty 631-521-3553 erindougherty3@yahoo.com
Vice President Caroline Kelly 267-500-3019 crkelly9@asu.edu
Grand Canyon
Head Coach Tracy Ramirez 517-290-8247 tracy.ramirez@gcu.edu
San Diego State
Point of Contact / President Isabella Mascardo 571-992-7943 sdsuwomensclublax@gmail.com
Head Coach Alysia Cazares 619-665-7052 alysiacazares@yahoo.com
Asst Coach Denise Yee 408-858-4492 denise.n.yee@gmail.com
Club Sports Director Dejuan Benford 619-594-4280 dejuan.benford@sdsu.edu
UC San Diego
Head Coach Taylor Cabrera 760-801-8684 taylor.cabrera16@gmail.com
Treasurer/Game Contact Hope Amend 973-437-0844 ucsdwomenslax@gmail.com
President Grace Drawer 310-651-1537 ucsdwomenslax@gmail.com
Assistant Coach Boogie Wolfblack 619-253-3830 boogiewolfblack@gmail.com
Vice President Kayla Tracy 442-237-3322 ucsdwomenslax@gmail.com
Club Sports Contact Allison Lane 858-534-8283 allane@ucsd.edu

Division 2 - North Conference

Team Title Name Telephone Email
Chico State
President / Game Contact Tess Sullivan 925-812-6030 csuladywildcats@gmail.com
Club Sports Coordinator Tony Perez 530-898-5348 maperez@csuchico.edu
Saint Mary's College
Team Contact Team E-Mail Address 925-631-6294 womenslacrosse@stmarys-ca.edu
Director of Recreational Sports Jeremy Penaflor 925-631-4480 jnp9@stmarys-ca.edu
Head Coach Tom Perry 925-389-7459 tjp5@stmarys-ca.edu
San Jose State
Coach Morgan Glazebrook 650-996-4363 Morgan.glazebrook99@gmail.com
President & Game Contact Lumay Chen 415-802-9578 womenslacrosse@sjsusports.com
Treasurer Lilia Rodriguez 650-603-6354 Lilia.rodriguez@sjsu.edu
Sonoma State
President Kendall Gottlieb ssuwlacrosse@gmail.com
Vice President Shauna Wielbalk ssuwlacrosse@gmail.com
Head Coach Melissa Hazelton ssuwlacrosse@gmail.com
Sport Clubs Advisor Mike Dominguez 707-664-3949 dominguezm@sonoma.edu
President Jamie Marsal 858-255-9255 stanfordclubwlax@gmail.com
Vice President Caroline Clement stanfordclubwlax@gmail.com
Financial Officer Reese Dobson reesed@stanford.edu
Social Chair Victoria Porto stanfordclubwlax@gmail.com
Club Sports Director Winston Adams cwadams@stanford.edu
UC Davis B
Vice President Aayusha Dakwala 408-307-8111 womenslacrosse@campusrec.ucdavis.edu
Co-Captain Sofia Spurgeon 714-322-3740 womenslacrosse@campusrec.ucdavis.edu
Co-Captain Victoria Shaw 951-237-2421 womenslacrosse@campusrec.ucdavis.edu
Coach Elizabeth Anderson 760-975-7278
UC Santa Cruz
Co-President Mary White 916-612-0559 ucscwomenslacrosse@gmail.com
President Madelyn Trimpi 802-356-1068 ucscwomenslacrosse@gmail.com
Club Sports Director Dillon Thompson 831-459-4537 dijthomp@ucsc.edu

Division 2 - Central Conference

Team Title Name Telephone Email
Vice President/Game Contact Zoe Taper 415-568-7484 womens.lacrosse.club@biola.edu
President Aliya Amaya womens.lacrosse.club@biola.edu
Secretary Josephine Huang
Treasurer Naomi Anetor
Associate Director of Campus Engagement Marcy Binuya marcy.binuya@biola.edu
Cal Poly B
President / Game Contact Grace Galy 408-663-3281 calpolylax@gmail.com
Vice President Graciana Ratto 415-902-0787 calpolylax@gmail.com
Club Sports Coordinator Ashley Jones 805-756-7006 atjones@calpoly.edu
Head Coach Mimi Pepin 858-335-2900 mikaele.pepin@gmail.com
Cal State Long Beach
President/Game Scheduler Nasa Tan 562-606-4646 nasa.tan01@student.csulb.edu
Vice President Claire Muhlenbruch 925-890-1054 Claire.Muhlenbruch01@student.csulb.edu
Treasurer Maribelle Monroy 435-339-9334 sportsmonroy12@gmail.com
Secretary Thana Sadoughi 714-325-7118 Thana.Sadoughi01@student.csulb.edu
Publicity Officer Saskia Perks 916-582-2234 sperks2021@gmail.com
Cal State Northridge
President Mayra Velazquez-Jacobo 818-370-3944 womenslacrosse@csunas.org
Vice President Rebecca Castillo 818-938-3637 womenslacrosse@csunas.org
Secretary Alexa Lara 818-458-4496 womenslacrosse@csunas.org
Treasurer Ciara Green 818-355-3077 womenslacrosse@csunas.org
Risk Manager Sandy Hernandez 949-335-2375 womenslacrosse@csunas.org
Sport Clubs Administrator Bladimir Martinez 818-677-8326 bladimir.martinez@csun.edu
Head Coach Open sbccwomenslacrosse@gmail.com
Assistant Coach Shannon Keene 916-844-5851 smkeene1@pipeline.sbcc.edu
President/Scheduling Eva Larrson 650-587-8337 elarsson4@pipeline.sbcc.edu
Vice-President/Secretary Sofia Martinez-Tomatis 949-836-3586 smartineztomatis@pipeline.sbcc.edu
Treasurer Fia Enea 831-200-6726 senea@pipeline.sbcc.edu
Office Of Student Life Amy Collins 805-730-4062 collinsa@sbcc.edu
Assistant Coach Jennifer Elliott 661-678-5795 jennyelliott311@gmail.com
President/Game Contact Sam Lopez 310-487-5820 wlaxucla@gmail.com
Travel Coordinator / Game Contact Cordelia Bergin 415-521-0665 wlaxucla@gmail.com
Coach Kristina Reyes 916-220-2495 kristinareyes91@gmail.com
Club Sports Director Megan Normansell 310-206-8338 mnormansell@recreation.ucla.edu

Division 2 - South Conference

Team Title Name Telephone Email
Cal State San Marcos
Treasurer Kamryn Kinsey 760-409-6405 kinse015@csusm.edu
Coach Jillian Dohrmann 760-533-1137 jdohrmann@csusm.edu
President / Game Contact Audrey Street 858-924-2059 laxcsusm@gmail.com
Vice-President Kali Price 619-889-0811 price109@csusm.edu
Club Sports Director Ryan Groth 760-750-7413 rgroth@csusm.edu
Assistant Coach Sarah Watts sarah.watts@eagles.cui.edu
Head Coach Dylan Miles 714-335-6315 dylan.miles@cui.edu
CSU Fullerton
President / Game Contact Nora Homsi 949-732-8960 csufwlacrosse@gmail.com
Vice President Emi Honda 949-632-3444 csufwlacrosse@gmail.com
Treasurer Gracie Ries 952-380-6426 csufwlacrosse@gmail.com
Club Sports Director Christopher Estrella-Ramierez cestrella-ramirez@fullerton.edu
Fullerton College
Head Coach Pamela Lewin 714-992-7480 plewin@fullcoll.edu
Athletic Director Scott Giles 714-992-7477 sgiles@fullcoll.edu
U San Diego
Travel Manager Delaney Paulus 650-339-2980 dpaulus@sandiego.edu
Head Coach Elizabeth Des Enfants 619-874-5730 lizzydesenfants@gmail.com
President Emily Nash 847-558-4459 emilynash@sandiego.edu
Team Contact E-Mail E-Mail usdwomenslacrosse@gmail.com
Competitive Sports Supervisor Jeffrey Cirillo 619-260-4275 jcirillo@sandiego.edu
UC Irvine
Vice President Christina Arredondo 619-820-1321 crarred1@uci.edu
President/Main-Contact Skylar Mogab 585-944-4769 uciwomensclublax@gmail.com
Club Sports Director Adrienne Buckingham 949-824-5774 a.buckingham@uci.edu
Coach Bob Mezeul 925-989-4553 bob.mezeul@gmail.com
Date Home Score Away Score
04/14 UCLA UCLA 10 ASU ASU 9
04/14 CP 'B' CP 'B' 5 UCLA 'B' UCLA 'B' 4
04/14 CAL CAL 7 GCanyon GCanyon 13
04/14 Concordia Concordia 13 STAN STAN 11
Day Date Time Home Away

2024 WWLL Champions

Div 1
Div 2


April 12th – 13th

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